Testimonials about Bells of the Cascades


Bells of the Cascades with the Cathedral Bells at National Seminar 2021. Photo by Sandy Boothe.

We have been honored to perform in a variety of settings across our more than 30 years of existence — including twice being invited to perform at the Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar.

Below are a selection of some of the testimonials Bells of the Cascades has received following our performances.

A sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to express your reactions to our music!

After our performance at the 2021 national handbell conference:

“There are not sufficient words to describe the magic and beauty and sheer artistry of your concert. It was thoughtful, heartfelt, connected in spirit to every listener at every moment. And you gave a message of hope and healing not only for our times but also for our instrument and its community at a time when it was sorely needed. I think you will have incalculable influence and that this is now the standard against which all advanced concerts will be measured.” —Kevin McChesney

“So gorgeous. I’m struggling for words… I just know I want to hang onto this feeling for a very long time.” —Stephanie Wiltse

“Hands down one of the best bell concerts I’ve ever seen.” —Derek Nance

“What a wonderful concert — stunningly beautiful musicality. Such a range of sound achieved … thank you to everyone for your skills, musicianship and emotion.” —Malcolm Wilson

“This was one of the  most beautiful concerts I have ever heard. Polished. Elegant. Magical. Thank you so very much.” —Carol Fleeger

“This is some of the tightest and most magnificent playing I’ve ever heard on our instrument. Alex, Matt, and all of their musicians are something else.” —Caleb Onstead

“This concert recharged me, moved me, and filled me up. It was exquisite.” —Jennifer Cauhorn

After our joint performance with Bells of the Sound (Seattle) in 2018:

“Fantastic! So much energy, and one of them gave me chills!” —Heather Kreuger

After our 14th handbell cruise, to Alaska with Fred Gramann, in 2016:

“It is an unforgettable experience!” —Alice Lee

After our holiday concert, “Jingle All the Way,” in 2015:

“Another magical evening! Thanks so much for including us in your holiday concert. I hope we have the joy of sharing music together again in the future.” —Paul Olguin

“Beautiful music poured out of the church!” —Naomi Charboneau

After our concert, “Hitting Things,” in 2014:

“David York’s arrangement of Bolero was fabulous! Always a pleasure to attend those concerts and watch the creative genious at work.” —Shirley Curtis